Thursday, November 10, 2011

11 WTF Twilight Etsy Products

by Megan S.

God help me. I actually kinda like this. It made me laugh. I might be delusional.

Folks, never doubt my commitment to entertaining you. I perused 7500 listings on Etsy looking for the strangest Twilight goodies. SEVEN THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED TWILIGHT ITEMS AND I DON'T EVEN LIKE SPARKLY VAMPIRES. This is dedication, people... Or masochism. Poh-tay-toe/poh-tah-toe.

My soul may have been fundamentally altered by the hours-long experience but at least you'll get to enjoy ten more WTF Twilight Etsy products.

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  1. Oh my...The Jacob stuff (embryo pendant?!?) disturbing. The underwear that has some other dude's photo on it - priceless. Am I the only one who thinks that the True Blood crowd might be a better market for the pasties?

    Do you need to clear your head a little? 7500 - you really took one for the team!

  2. WTF indeed! What is wrong with these people? I too love the wide-ruled loose leaf paper drawing decoupaged onto a coffin. Ha! And the embryo doll? Weirdness at its best. Another great search on Etsy is iPhone cases. I found some of the weirdest, most blinged-out objects I have ever seen in my life.

  3. A few days ago, a friend shot a photo in a store of this... I am...kind of speechless.

    (On your site via

  4. Thanks, Tanita! We thought it was weird, too! You can find another one of the ridiculous hair styling items in our other Twilight post, The Top Ten Weirdest Twilight Merchandise So Far here!

  5. Wow, those were amazing. I do like the cake pan, but everything else. . . . A Jacob embryo? WTF, indeed?!?!