Thursday, October 13, 2011

True Confessions of a Geek Mom: Halloween Costumes

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It's Halloween costume time again. The kids usually pick out their own costumes (within reason). They're still pretty young, so too gory is out, and nothing “too old” either (slutty costume for little girls are just wrong - there, I said it).

The older one is used to the concept, and she already has a bounty of dress-up clothes, so I think the plan is to create her own fairy one. And if she decides she wants to be a princess or a superhero, we're covered there too. One down.

My son actually decided to be easy this year. He said he already had a knight costume so that's what he wants to be. Awesome. Settled, no money out of pocket, he's happy, job done. Right?

Cowboy Browncoat

Well….then I was perusing the Halloween stuff at Target and found this. Most parents see it and think “Cowboy.” I see it and of course think, “Holy crap! He can be a Browncoat!”

He's got a Nerf blaster with a flashlight on it (perfect for nighttime). We can even try to rig up a leg holster for him. I think it could work. I'll tell him he can be a space cowboy, and he has watched tiny bits of the Firefly series, so I know he's interested. So my goal from now until Halloween is to “gently” convince him this idea is awesome. Now if I can go one step further and get him to say “I'm not a Cowboy, I'm a Browncoat” my geeky little heart will burst with pride.

I was planning on getting him some new dress-up costumes after Halloween anyways since it can be difficult to find dress up stuff for boys, so if he still wants to be a knight, no problem. At the end of the day (or night as it were) I just want him to have fun. I can't lie, though, I really hope he goes for the Browncoat idea.

Note: If I thought she would go for it, I would totally buy one for the girlchild. Two problems with this: 1. The jacket is brown not pink. 2. The only character on Firefly she would want to dress up as would be Inara (cause she has really pretty clothes) and that is not happening. My brain would explode.
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  1. Love your thoughts on working through the annual Halloween costume issue :)

    And I agree... slutwear isn't OK for little kids.


  2. That coat is awesome. With some tweaking, it could double as the 10th Doctor...

  3. I love dressing my son in "geek" costumes. We've had Baby Spidey, Buzz Lightyear, Dash (after my daughter outgrew the costume and I cut down the gloves), Captain America, Snake Eyes, Boba Fett, and this year Robin, because his friend is going as Batman.

    Hmm wonder if I can talk him into getting the coat, he loves Firefly though the Reavers did cause him a bit of a fright. . .