Monday, October 17, 2011

True Confessions of a Geek II

by Megan S.

Ready or not, here's our next round of True Confessions of a Geek and this one's a bit controversial...

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  1. Another great week of funny, yet true posts :)

  2. I totally relate to guilt when I don't finish a book!


  3. There's nothing wrong with Spockbrow! Who among us hasn't worked on that?
    (and who else did it when they read this?)

    -- Evil T's Mom

  4. Another great bunch of funny and true! But I have to disagree with the Gaiman thing--if I were married to Amanda Palmer, I'd be gushing about it every chance I got! :)

  5. And here I agree wholeheartedly with the first one. I've loved Neil for years now, but when I was introduced to Amanda Palmer (right before the Dresden Dolls opened for my beloved Nine Inch Nails 'round 2005) I disliked her music and thought her antics were twee and annoying. When they got together I hoped I'd be able to continue loving Neil the same as I always had, but their "aren't we quirky?" schtick is driving me nuts. I'm glad he loves his wife (as one should, obviously), but I don't think I can read his Twitter or blog anymore. That's okay, his books are still wonderful. I'll enjoy the artist's work, but not so much the artist.