Friday, October 21, 2011

Help Me, Bloggi Wan Kenobi: I Need a Pumpkin Pattern

by Sara N.

Pumpkin carving is a big, big deal for my friends and family. We have a pumpkin fest every year wherein we break out the patterns and the scoops and the intricate little carving tools to sculpt our masterpieces. Most of us use the cheapie orange plastic jobbies that you can pick up clearanced to 50 cents on Nov. 5 and then save for the following year. (Not my brother, though. He has his own set of wood-handled carving tools. That's how serious we are.) We work hard to come up with patterns that are recognizable to the public but still a little geeky. Ordinarily, I find something I love pretty easily.

But this year, I'm struggling. I need a pattern, people! Preferably fairly recent pop culture, and preferably something that won't make me want to throw my pumpkin against the wall halfway through the carving process. I tried in vain to find a pattern for Doctor Who's weeping angels, but I had no luck on the Internet. I quickly abandoned the thought of making one myself thanks to the one-two punch of lack of time and lack of pattern-making expertise. I then thought about making a honey badger pumpkin, but again, there's no ready-made pattern and no time to try to make one myself. I'm a huge Game of Thrones fan, but I couldn't come up with one indelible image that would be obvious even to fans of the show.

So I appeal to the wisdom of our wise readers: What should my pumpkin be this year? I need your best ideas, people! For inspiration, here are some of the pumpkins my group has done in years past:

My Severus Snape
My brother's Wolverine
My sister's Devil Ned Flanders
My husband's admittedly weak sauce Autobot

My wild thing
My brother's Iron Giant

My friend's Freddy Kruger
My friend's Michael Meyers
Any suggestions? And what pumpkin patterns are you carving this year?
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  1. Ipad with RIP Steve
    Google+ favicon
    A brain (as decoy for the inevitable zombies)

  2. First of all those are awesome

    And maybe:
    Companion Cube
    Cthulhu (he's for forever you know)

  3. I saw a Mockingjay pattern today on The Mary Sue.

  4. I was planning a Cheshire cat this year. Might I also suggest something from Supernatural or Sherlock?