Monday, October 3, 2011

A Halloween Movie A Day Keeps The Boogieman Away

by Megan S.

via Katie and Joe
One of my absolute favorite things about Halloween are the spooky movie marathons on TV. This year, there's no need to wait to find a good one; I've made one for you!  28 movies full of thrills, chills, laughs and warm fuzzy (yet creepy!) feelings for the four weeks leading up to the best holiday of the year.  This week's theme is comedy-horror!  So, check out the list and then head on over to Netflix (or is it Qwikster now?) and have your own marathon.

Monday, October 3 - Shaun of the Dead

Tuesday, October 4 - Young Frankenstien

Wednesday, October 5 - Beetlejuice

Thursday, October 6 - Ghostbusters

Friday, October 7 - Addams Family Values

Saturday, October 8 - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Sunday, October 9 - Little Shop of Horrors

Did I miss your favorite horror-comedy? Add it to the list in the comments and check back next Monday for seven classic scary movies.
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  1. Yes - Shaun of the Dead is a must at our house.

    They might be campy, but I also love The Lost Boys and Army of Darkness.

    For creepy, 28 Days Later and Kubrick's The Shining are musts for me.

  2. Once bitten was my favorite as a kid.

  3. KA: At least two of those are on the lists for the coming weeks! You'll just have to stay tuned to find out which. ;)

    Nara: You have excellent taste, madam. ;)

    Sandra: Oh, that was a cute one!

  4. The original Fright Night was a good fun movie too. The late Roddy McDowall was the only reason I saw it initially. My daughter finally talked me into letting her watch that plus American Werewolf in London.

    Both have their comic moments. After all its not everyday your conscience turns out to be a corpse you only see and it keeps decaying.

    One other comedy not on the list is Zombieland by the way.