Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Cutest Ewok of All

by Megan S.

This year, I opted not to carve a pumpkin.  Instead, I channeled my crafty impulses into making something for Lilly.  Something awesome.

I made her a Wicket costume.

Thank goodness Ewok headdresses are so poorly sewn (Ewoks may have opposable thumbs but they're still pretty bad with a needle), it makes my ineptitude look authentic.

And, because Nails requested it, here are outtakes from the photoshoot.  I think Lilly was channeling Eye of the Tiger during the shoot.  It would explain why she gently bit me twice.  I can't imagine it was because I was forcing her to wear a headdress.

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  1. Haha! That poor, humiliated widdle kitty. Nice job on the costume! Can you make one for Lucy next year?

  2. The last picture is very "Why are you doing this to me?".

    At least you got a good pic though.You make me want to make Levi a bandolier.

  3. Sophie & Ash- HAHAHAHA! She was actually purring too hard for most of the time to actually get her stand up. She just kept flopping down wanting to be skritched on her tummy. Models. They're so demanding.

    Sophie- You have a better chance of completing a totally cross-stiched outfit for Lucy than I do for sewing well enough. How about I do the planning and you do the execution?

    Ash- YES! Make Levi a bandolier and then take photos!

  4. My mother told me to tell you, "That is undignified." Then she got this far away look and eyed her cat Gomez speculatively.

  5. Laurie- If she dresses Gomez up as his namesake, you're going to have to bribe N. in to wearing a Morticia costume.

  6. Oh she does not look pleased! Adorable yes. Happy no.

  7. I was wondering for about a a minute before I clicked through to your blog whether my Maine Coon, Bandit, would want to be an Ewok. The outtakes were awesome and I'm thinking the answer is no, Bandit wouldn't want to be an Ewok.

  8. Oh man. This is humiliating and adorable.

    I <3 Lilly all the time, so my head asplode here.

    Evil T's Mom (who knows better than to even THINK of cat costumes)

  9. I love it, would never attempt it with my own cat, I'd rather keep all my fingers intact, but she looks so cute.

  10. GOD, they all are awesome. But the cat killed me, could it be a cuter thing in here? :)