Monday, October 17, 2011

Creepy Kid Movies Adults Love

by Megan S.

via Katie and Joe
Halloween is only fourteen days away!  Spend the next seven celebrating the kid in all of us by watching some of the best child-friendly spooky movies that you'll still love as an adult.

Monday, October 17 - Coraline

Tuesday, October 18 - Monsters, Inc.

Wednesday, October 19 - The Witches

Thursday, October 20 - The Nightmare Before Christmas

Friday, October 21 - Hocus Pocus

Saturday, October 22 - Labyrinth

Sunday, October 23 - Return to Oz

What other kids' spooky movies do you still love? Add them to the list in the comments and check back next Monday for the last week, Cult Classics.
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1 comment:

  1. There's this one TV movie I saw a couple years back... "When Good Ghouls Go Bad".

    It's an R. L. Stine story that celebrates Halloween, and every scene has a warm aura of orange and black. Cute, nearly creepy, and has Christopher Lloyd as a zombie. Love it.