Monday, October 24, 2011

Classically Cultish

by Megan S.

via Katie and Joe
The best holiday of the year draws closer which means our first ever month-long Halloween movie marathon is almost at an end. Don't worry, I've saved some of the best movies for last. This week's installment are seven awesome cult classics! (Three of the flicks feature everyone's favorite B movie star, Bruce Campbell!)

Monday, October 24 - Rocky Horror Picture Show

Tuesday, October 25 - Evil Dead II

Wednesday, October 26 - Bubba Ho Tep

Thursday, October 27 - Lost Boys

Friday, October 28 - Eraserhead

Saturday, October 29 - Army of Darkness

Sunday, October 30 - Plan 9 From Outerspace

So, that's all folks. What other favorites should have made the list?
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