Thursday, September 8, 2011

Seven Halloween Costumes for 2011

by Megan S.

Now is the time for all well-prepared geeks to start planning their Halloween costumes 'cause you have less than two months to create something incredible.  Need some help?  Here are seven topical ideas that are sure to earn you loads of Google +1s.

Generic Female Government Agent Investigating Preternatural Occurrences

Exhibit A. Olivia Dunham, Fringe
Female government officials who investigate things that go bump in the night are no nonsense dressers.  These ladies eschew jewelry and personalized style for minimalist attire and makeup in order to solve the inexplicable.  Don't believe me?

Exhibit B. Jo, Eureka

Exhibit C. Mica, Warehouse 13
See?  No nonsense.  All you need to create a costume for a generic female government agent investigating preternatural occurrences are a somber black or navy two piece and a dress shirt with the collar button undone.  The snag-free hair band for putting up your 'do in a ponytail is optional.

Retro DC Superheroes

Annoyed by the New 52?  Show your love for previous DC Comics incarnations by rocking the old school costumes.  Wonder Woman always looked fetching in a star spangled skirt.

Quantum Pregnancy Amy Pond, Doctor Who

Quantum Pregnancy Amy Pond is a no-brainer; short skirt, long jacket, red hair and a love for a man in a bow tie is all you need.  OK, well you'll also need something globe-like to shove up and take out from under your cute knit top every few minutes in order to pull off a pregnant/not-pregnant look.  A festive Halloween balloon won't look out of place when you're in the non-pregnant state.

Google+ User

This one might be require a little explaining.  All you need to be a Google+ user are red velvet ropes and stanchions.   Cordon off a large section of a room with the ropes and stanchions at the Halloween party you're attending and sit alone.  Play on your iPhone while periodically sneering at the rest of the party goers. Every half hour, let one additional nerdy party-goer join you.

Hipster Daenerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones

Hipster Daenerys Targaryen of Game of Thrones.  Why?  Because everyone is funnier and more topical with clunky, black plastic framed glasses even when they're munching on an organ with blood dripping down their arms.

Tookie De La Créme, Tyra Banks' Modelland

I can't decide whether Banks' Modelland is amazing or ridiculous, but either way, going as the main character of the soon-to-be released urban fantasy novel would be awesome!  Read the first chapter (for free) to judge for yourself.

Post Blu-Ray Edit Star Wars

Make almost any possible alteration to the original trilogy and attribute it to the Blu-Ray edits.  Nothing is sacred!  Chewbacca wearing a thong that matches his bandolier?  Why not!  Yoda in a diaper doing the CGI Dancing Baby Dance from Ally McBeal?  Have at it!  A Boba Fett/Wesley of Princess Bride mashup?  OH GOD, YES!

Do you have any timely Halloween costume ideas?  Share 'em in the comments!
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  1. The emphasis is on timely, Kirkland, timely. ;)

  2. Members of the Guild are in vogue too. Especially since they just released a Codex costume.