Thursday, September 8, 2011

Miss Universe Pageant or Hunger Games Costumes?

by Megan S.

Could this be the latest photo released from the filming of The Hunger Games?  She definitely looks like she could be the tribute from District One, dolled up by a crazy Capital stylist to represent the luxury goods the area manufactures.

Buuuut, it's not.  It's actually Miss Netherlands from this year's Miss Universe and she's not alone in the crazy-ass costume contest.  Check out eleven other ladies that look like district tributes from the Games after the jump!

District Two
Principal Export: Mined Diamonds

Miss Chile

District Three
Principal Export: Machinery - Electronics and Explosives

Miss Tanzania
District Four
Principal Export: Fish and Seafood

Miss Angola
District Five
Principal Export: Scientific Research/Genetic Experiments

Miss Curacao
District Six
Principal Export: Pharmaceuticals /Medical Research

Miss Nigeria
District Seven
Principal Export: Lumber and Paper Products

Miss Czech Republic
District Eight
Principal Export: Clothing and Textiles

Miss Australia
District Nine
Principal Export: Hunted Game

Miss Japan
District Ten
Principal Export: Livestock

Miss Panama
District Eleven
Principal Export: Crops and Produce

Miss Colombia

District Twelve
Principal Export: Coal

Miss Slovenia

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  1. Miss Tanzania's outfit is fucking incredible.

  2. Brilliant! Just brilliant :)


  3. This whole post is just awesome. Must go send link to friends who love Hunger Games.

  4. Anon, All of the outfits are nuts! I love 'em. I gotta say Miss Netherlands is my favorite. She's wearing a gold lame ship as a frakking fascinator.

    Stella, Thanks!

    KA, Thanks for sending it out! It was Miss Chile's outfit that slammed it home to me that these were exactly like something stylists would design for the Games. I just hope her miner's hat actually lights up.

  5. I absolutely love this blog post! I hope you don't mind that I shared it on my author page. If these costumes look so much like The Hunger Game tributes; I can't wait to see what the actual ones look like in the movie!

  6. Miss Chile's costume seems more like District 12... But these designs really do reflect the districts!

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  11. Check out eleven other ladies that look like district tributes from the Games after the jump!

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  13. Outfit of Miss Curacao look really bad while all other outfits are good and look great to me.