Thursday, September 15, 2011

Decapitated Body Found in Front Yard

The body of a missing Ohio preying mantis was found today. The gardener (my mom) had noticed the absence of one Floyd P. Mantis, formerly of #1 Air Conditioner Coleus Place, but thought perhaps Mr. Mantis had just moved without giving notice. After a rigorous search of the area (front yard and back) no trace of Mr. Mantis was found and the gardener concluded that her former tenant had left for greener pastures. Unfortunately, during routine yard maintenance, the body of Mr. Mantis was found decapitated amongst the leaves from the front yard ash tree.

When asked to comment on this shocking crime, neighboring mantis Big Bertha declined to speak to Stellar Four News. She merely burrowed deeper into the flower patch beneath the ash tree, munching a disembodied bee head. Unofficial sources say that Bertha is, if not a suspect, then at least a mantis of interest.

In other (completely unrelated!) news, Big Bertha has sent birth announcements to all her female mantis friends.  The eggs will be put into a durable sack and will then hatch out in the spring.
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  1. "Murder In The Garden"!

    I don't know about you, but my money is on Big Bertha.


  2. Penelope hasn't been seen either and Witness Protection Mantis has fled the scene. It's a rough part of town.

  3. Geez, they're dropping like... bee heads. I'm with Stella. Big Bertha knows something.