Friday, August 12, 2011

Steampunk + Cats + Moustaches = Your Next Etsy Purchase

by Sara N.

Please meet your next Etsy obsession. CollageOrama juxtaposes quirky images over pages from books slated to be destroyed. The results are charming, mixing the old-fashioned with the playful.  Honestly, there are so many I want to buy that I could quite literally wallpaper a room with them. Thank goodness they're affordable!

Steampunk cat

So many more adorable prints after the jump!

Bowler cat

Witchy cat

Rooster dirigible

Killer robot

Aristocrat walrus

Viking cat

Victorian woman automaton

Bombadier ferret

Steampunk owl

Hedgehog with a heart (Not particularly sci fi/steampunky, but totally cute.)

I pulled these examples from the first two pages of a 24-page Etsy shop; that's a mere ripple in a vast lake. Imagine how many more items you'll fall in love with.

Many thanks to Kelly P. for the tip!
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