Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Monsterous Statement

By Meghan B.

Melita, wearing one of her creations.
Some people have niche items they always buy themselves. They can be a fan of novelty socks or big chunky necklaces. They can be obsessed with bottles of nail polish and can't get enough. I have rather long hair and I find myself always on the look out for hair barrettes and scarves and bows. It's a sickness, I tell you. Not any hair clips will do. I want the most awesome, head turning pieces out there. This obsession is why I am obscenely overjoyed to have discovered the beautiful and bizarre art of Miss Monster.

Melita Curphy is a graphic designer, artists and all around awesome person. Going by the name Miss Monster, her artwork and sculptures have been featured all over the great, wide internet. She's a frequent Teefury contributor as well as a creator of adorable monster plushies. Besides making gorgeous works of art, she also makes the most epic hair trinkets I have ever seen.

Go under the cut for more beauties from Miss Monster!

HORNS! I've never been so thrilled in my life. It's like a dream come true to get hair clips that look like horns. Okay, maybe I had weird dreams as a child, but you get the point. Antlers, ram's horns... why do animals get to have all the fun?

Miss Monster has created some stylish, weird and unnaturally awesome horn hair clips. I must have them all. Thankfully, they are all available to purchase at her lovely online store.

Half Curl Ram's Horns - $18

Leather Tentacle Barrette - $7
Leather Ram Horn - $7
Pair of Antlers - $23
Epic "Specially Bred" Leviathan - $15

Who wouldn't want a deep sea creature nestled in their hair or a sweet pair of antlers? Exactly. Please support an amazing artist and get your very own horns today! Check out her shop for even more pretties- kraken pendants, tentacled panties and even a skinned demon rug!
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  1. The antlers and the leviathan - WANT!

    Thanks for the links!

  2. Her store is always out of stock. I've been wanting a pillow case, a scarf and a car decal for the longest time but every time I hit up her store what I want is gone =(