Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's Never Too Early for Halloween

by Megan S.

Yes, I'm well aware Halloween is almost three months away.  But come on people, the Christmas season is that long and Halloween is waaaaay more fun decorating-wise.  I propose we  campaign for an extended Halloween season so it's not so weird when I get the urge to bust out the glitter skulls and creepy music in the beginning of September.

OK, fine.  Even if you don't agree with me about carving your jack-o'-lanterns next week, now is the time to shop because stores can't afford to put seasonal items on sale during a recession.  Instead, they'll only purchase a few units and they'll sell out months ahead of time.  With that in mind, it's perfectly acceptable to begin planning your All Hallows' Eve decorating today 'cause Pottery Barn has a number of gorgeous Halloween pieces in stock right now.

So, what do you think?  Can you really wait two and a half months before decorating for Halloween with pieces like these just waiting to be displayed?
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    Halloween is my FAVORITE HOLIDAY.

  2. If my husband would let me I would have my Halloween stuff up ALL YEAR.
    Also I desperately need those plates. The would go with my skull plates perfectly. And mu skull apron. And my cool candelabra where you put little candles in these hanging metal witch hats and the light shines through, and...

  3. Meg- It's my favorite holiday, too! It's the perfect holiday mix. Monsters, magic, parties, costumes, candy and spoooooky decorations.

    Nara- I got the plates! They look even better in person. I think I'm going to get the mercury pumpkins too.

    I wanna see photos of all your decorations and apron. I bet everything is adorable!

  4. I got a BUNCH of really cool and cute stuff of JoAnns fabric store one year. I will put pics up 'round spooky time!

  5. I got the wooden cheese board with the three little mouse servers (spreader, fork, knife). Too cute, and you can use them all year 'round. You can see one of them above if you look, but the full link should show them better.

    Another reason to love Halloween? You don't have to cook a big dinner for other people :)


  6. I was thinking that I would do Halloween cards this year, and they would be my "Happy Holidays" cards, since it does seem to be the start of the holiday season, yah know?

  7. Being part of a local haunted house for the last ten years, I absolutely love anything "found" for Halloween decor. I also like a sort of rustic look. Though I have been gathering parts over the year for what my kids call The Witch's Kitchen. Now I need to buy those crow lights! If given the chance I would have my signs out and graveyard up two months in advance.