Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ghosts For Sale

by Megan S.

Good news, everyone! Stacia Kane is on sale for cheap.  OK.  Well, no, Stacia's not on sale but her Downside series is! 

Find out how to obtain Unholy Ghosts for less than a buck and the sequels for less than a fiver after the jump.

Digital versions of Unholy Ghosts for both the Kindle and the Nook (which means it should be in ePub format and work with the majority of eReaders, not just the Nook) are on sale for 99 cents and the digital versions of Unholy Magic (Kindle, Nook) and City of Ghosts (Kindle, Nook) are just $4.99!  It's the perfect way to get caught up on the series before Stacia's next Downside book, Sacrificial Magic, comes out in March!

If you aren't familiar with the series, take a peek at our exclusive first half of chapter one from Sacrifical Magic, and an additional excerpt from the same book over on The League of Reluctant Adults.  
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  1. FYI, Barnes & Noble ebooks are only compatible with the Nook. Just like Amazon, they have their own, proprietary DRM.

  2. Thanks for spreading the word, ladies!

    The sale is in effect at all North American ebook retailers, so the Sony & Apple stores (and whatever store you prefer) should have the sale pricing as well. :-)

  3. This series is awesome - and I actually first found Stellar Four through a Stacia Kane tweet.

    Cannot wait for Sacrificial Magic!

  4. I just picked up the whole series for a song at a closing Borders (paper books forever!) and I can not wait to dive into them after all I've heard about them!