Monday, August 8, 2011

Geeks in Space

by Megan S.

Space: the final frontier.  These are the voyages of the Atlas V rocket Juno launched last Friday. It's five year mission: to explore strange gaseous Jupiter, to seek out new information about the fifth planet from the sun, and go where no toy has gone before.

These little Lego figurines are on the adventure of a lifetime.  Roman god Jupiter, his sister/wife and goddess Juno, and scientist Galileo will spend the next five years traveling to Jupiter as the result of a NASA Lego partnership.  It's a cute idea but there are several iconic, relevant toys and nicknacks that would have been a better fit to send in to space to represent our love of all things geeky and we've got seven of 'em.

Is your favorite on the list?

It's Miss Piggy in a fetching pink Pigs in Space uniform. Need I say more?

Any would be galaxy traveler would appreciate finding a towel on board.

Han Solo has definitely earned a place on a NASA ship.  He did the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs, people.

Sailor Moon would make a great geeky ambassador. (Notice I didn't mention anything about that annoying pink haired kid.)

If Buzz can survive the day care center then he can definitely survive space.

Mini Doctor and Mini Amy in a Mini TARDIS! If anything fell apart on Juno, I'm sure the Mini Doctor could fix it with his Mini Sonic Screwdriver.

If Juno were to come across any aliens, I'd give it even odds with having Kirk on board that our first contact would end with sexy results.

So, what space themed geeky icon would you have included on Juno?
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