Friday, August 26, 2011

Stitchery Suggestions for the Sewing Geek

by Sara N.

Geeks, start your sewing machines. Here are a few sci fi, fantasy and steampunk projects and fabric samples that will spin your bobbin.
Yes, this is actual fabric. I know! I didn't think something this awesome existed, either.

Andrews McMeel Publishing seems to be the go-to place for geek-friendly craft projects. They offer Steampunk Softies, with patterns for eight dolls "from a past that never was," and Zombie Felties, which instructs you on how to create 16 gruesome zombies dolls. (Incidentally, Andrews McMeel also publishes Crobots, which has patterns for crocheted robots, natch.) If you'd like a taste of the projects, Craftzine's blog has a downloadable PDF for one of the Steampunk Softies, Marveletta. I think it's the little bits of hardware that make the steampunk projects extra special.

Chefs and bakers will no doubt appreciate a few nerd-tastic aprons. You can give 10 points to Gryffindor with this house apron, or you can fervently wish that your pantry was bigger on the inside with this TARDIS apron. Both come from the blog Bakingdom, and while the Gryffindor apron has far more instructions, a clever crafter should be able to extrapolate the instructions for the TARDIS.

I have too many purses, but I find that I need one more: This d20 Handbag of Holding is calling my name. You can find the instructions here. At the very least, you can store your collection of many-sided die in there.

You can also geek up a sewing project with the right fabric. I'm atwitter thinking about what a punch this fabric from Spoonflower could give to even the most mundane projects.




 Blue Sun


Dark Side



Mix all of those together along with the many, many other cool fabrics available at the Spoonflower website and you have the most epic geek quilt in the history of geek quilts.

Thanks to Kelly P. for the Steampunk Softies tip!
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  1. Spoonflower is deadly for a quilter like me. I could spend a fortune.

  2. But just think how super fantastic awesome your quilts would be!

  3. I just bought Steampunk Softies today and spent the morning pouring over the genius of it! I've made a pirate zombie from Zombie Felts too. I'm a total craft nerd and am so going to find that Ood fabric. Loved the pantry/Tardis comment!

  4. I own a sewing machine that I've never learned to use properly. These might be the projects that get me to actually figure out how to sew!