Wednesday, August 3, 2011

For LA Banks

We at Stellar Four were saddened to hear that Leslie Esdaile Banks, author of the acclaimed Vampire Huntress series and New York Times Bestseller, passed away today from late stage adrenal cancer. It's always a sad day when an author passes from our world but their work lives on.

Stacia Kane, author of the Downside novels, had a wonderful story about Leslie and ended with a sentiment everyone at Stellar Four shares.
"That’s the kind of person we lost today. Someone who went out of their way to make other people feel comfortable and welcome, someone genuinely kind and friendly.
And of course someone who wrote great books.
That’s a loss for all of us. There are so few people like that in the world, and now we’re down one more, and that just sucks."
We would like to take a moment to send our sincerest condolences to Leslie's family and friends. 

The Stellar Four Team
Meghan B
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