Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Felicia Day Wants Your Money

by Megan S.

Geek Queen Felicia Day wants your money. But don't worry, it's for an incredible cause and it could save countless lives, even your own.

Felicia is raising money for LA's Lupus Walk in honor of Dr. Horrible writer Maurissa Tancharoen.  She never really knew what the crippling autoimmune disease was other than a reoccurring joke on House until she found out her friend Maurissa has Lupus.  Felicia's raised over $2000 in just a few short hours to support Lupus research but I think the geek community can do a lot better than that.

Donate a buck or even ten to say screw you to Lupus because you never know if your friends or even you may be suffering from it.  Felicia promises to walk really hard.

Wanna find out more about Lupus?  Check out our article to learn about the autoimmune disease.
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