Friday, August 26, 2011

BREAKING AWESOME: Vamp Slaying SMG is Back

by Megan S.

The Buff is Back.  Sort of.  Sarah Michelle Gellar will be returning to her old TV stomping grounds as a slayer and we've got the details after the jump.

According to Eva LaRue (pictured above), Gellar will be returning to All My Children's Pine Valley as a woman who sees vampires everywhere.  Though the town is full of Big Bads in its own right (I'm looking at you Erica Kane), Pine Valley is no Hellmouth so it's off to the psychiatric ward for our girl.

The one-time slayer's return to the show that earned her a Daytime Emmy was Gellar's idea. After learning the long-running soap opera had been canceled, she reached out to the show's staff to express her interest in making an appearance but did not wish to reprise her role as Kendall Hart, now played by Alicia Minshew.  Her cameo is one of several featuring former cast members returning to say goodbye to the ABC institution.  Gellar's appearance is scheduled for September 21.
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