Monday, July 11, 2011

Urban Fantasy Up Your Life

by Megan S.

Our heroine in a gritty urban setting, just like you see on most UF covers. 
Who is this mystery woman clad in leather pants?
Without a head, she could be practically anyone. Even you!
photo credit: Daniel Conway
Have you always wanted to live in a world where fairies, ghosts and magic were real?  Do you long to wear clothing ill-suited for chilly climates and deliver snarky quips to Big Bads?  Well, what's stopping you?  We've got a guide to everything you need to make your life like that of your favorite urban fantasy heroine.

Three pounds of kosher salt:  There are so many uses for bulk Kosher salt!  Whether you're in the mood to make fleur de sel caramels after you've been woken by the neighborhood werewolf howling at the moon or need to line all of the windowsills and doorways to prevent another poltergeist attack, you'll be set to go with a box of Diamond Crystal.

A decorative bowl for cream: Sick of cleaning up after your latest potion making experiments or just hate making your bed?  You need some help around the house.  Leave out a bowl of fresh cream overnight and you'll be sure to attract a happy family of Brownies (or your cat) who would be more than willing to take care of your messes.  Warning: cats are total crap at making beds.

Garlic braid:  A garlic braid is definitely appropriate for any shabby chic kitchen.  Plus it keeps out unwanted vamps and those opposed to using pungent vegetables as decoration.

Vintage Ouija boards: Don't let the snobs in your coven dissuade you. Vintage Ouija boards are kitschy!  Just ignore the hipster heroines that like the antique oracles ironically.

Blank book: It never fails.  Urban fantasy heroines have at least two paramours at any given time, usually with one of them being some sort of were-animal.  A savvy heroine will have a day planner to make sure she never has to pull an I Love Lucy and juggle two dates in the same evening.  Bonus, a journal like this can always double as a Book of Shadows.

 Familiar fainting couch: Show your familiar you appreciate their companionship with their very own chaise lounge. 

Bigfoot statue:  Gargoyles are so gauche.  The cutting edge urban fantasy heroine has a yeti guarding her domicile.
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  1. I think writing about your love life in your Book of Shadows seems like a good way to complicate things. Lover #1 might grow a second head, and lover #2 might end up possessed - well, if he isn't already.

  2. You forgot "custom leather clothing" and "sharp edged things". Every urban heroine carries a sharp-edged thing, often only vaguely related to a sword, upon her person at all times.

  3. Laurie, A second head? Tsk, tsk. That's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Totally science fiction and not urban fantasy. ;)

    BW, I should have thrown in something about a tattoo!

    Sharon, Thanks!


  5. Hey, Anon!

    It's from a favorite guilty pleasure of ours, Anthropologie. You can find it here

    or you can click on "a decorative bowl for cream" to get there :D I love it, too!