Friday, July 1, 2011

These Recipes Will Make You a Star This Fourth of July

by Sara N.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Limit yourself to serving star-shaped foods at your July 4 gathering this year. Why stars and not bars, you ask? Why, it's Stellar Four, my dears, not Striped Four!

Essential supplies before you get started: star-shaped cookie cutters of all sizes. You'll need them to complete most of the following recipes.


Start your party off with crispy cheese stars (for those wanting no-fuss prep) or star-spangled mozzarella pesto bites (for those looking for more of a culinary challenge).

Main course

Fire up the grill! You can make these cute star-shaped hamburgers, or sear the shape of a star into your steaks and pork chops. For non-meat eaters, use a star cookie cutter to make patriotic PBJ sandwiches.

Side dish

Star-shaped potato chips? Yes, please!


Here's where the online foodies get creative (and where your cookie cutters will get a work-out). Rice Krispie treats, three-berry pie, stained glass cookies, berry tarts and even the simple watermelon all go pointy for the Fourth. (OK, the watermelon doesn't really need a formal recipe, does it?)


Drop ice cubes shaped like stars into your soda, or garnish your cocktail with star fruit slices.

However you celebrate, and whatever you cook, have a spectacular holiday weekend!

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