Monday, July 25, 2011

Nikol's Excellent Comic-Con Adventure

Photos by Nikol
Guest Photographer and Stellar Four Reader

Nope, this isn't Nikol. Just an awesome Lady Joker Nikol came across at Comic-Con.
Stellar Four reader Nikol was our woman on the scene at this weekend's Comic-Con and she snapped some spectacular photos of cosplayers, celebrities and geeky goodness.  Check out some of our favorites after the jump!

Harley Quinn
Kermit the Frog promoting his latest movie.
Stormtrooper Elvis

A tattoo of one of the famous stretching portraits in Disneyland's Haunted House ride

Nikol found Carmen Sandiego!
Love the Japenese prints inspired Star Wars towels

Elijah Wood
Wicked Queens
The one and only Bruce Campbell!
 Check out so many more incredible photos from Nikol's Comic-Con experience on her Flickr page! 

Thanks again, Nikol.  We loved 'em all and we're so jealous we didn't get to go with you!
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  1. Awesome. Wish I was there too! I would have gotten more author pics though.