Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Kindle Has Ruined Me for Hardback Books

by Sara N.

I interrupt Urban Fantasy week with this important message: Once you go e-book, you never go e-back.

I was thrilled to buy the hardback copy of A Dance With Dragons this morning, all 1,016 pages of it. I have the first four books in hardback all signed by GRRM himself! and of course I wanted Book 5 in hardback to match.

But I've been reading books on the Kindle for weeks now, and to my surprise, I'm struggling. This hardback book is heavy. And cumbersome. And hard to read with a cat on your lap. It doesn't recline gently on my knees, nor can I hold it loosely gripped in one hand.

This is my first hardback book purchase in my own post-Kindle world, and boy, have my perspectives changed. I still want the hardback as a lovely addition to my physical library. And I'm way to cheap too spring for both the hardback and Kindle editions. But wow, do I miss my e-reader right now!

Has anyone else been shaken to the very core by a similar realization?
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  1. I just got this sucker out of the mailbox and I think I got a hernia (can women get hernias?) lugging it into the house. My boyfriend took one look at it and said, "Should have gotten it on the Kindle." Grrr, now he tells me.

  2. I absolutely agree! My dear boyfriend borrowed me his 3-in-1-hardback edition of Terry Pratchetts Death-Novels and I've been reading Soul Music for three weeks now. I love it - but it's so HEAVY! I wouldn't have minded before, especially since German paperbacks weigh way more than their English counterparts and I was used to heavy lifting - but I'm not anymore (due to my ebook-reader but also those English paperbacks), and heavy books really start to suck.