Monday, July 11, 2011

A Good Cause: LA Banks Auction

by Megan S.

Leslie Esdaile Banks, author of the acclaimed Vampire Huntress series and New York Times Bestseller, was recently diagnosed with late stage adrenal cancer.  She's gravely ill but you can join the ranks of urban fantasy writers, romance authors and others across the world that have banded together to help Leslie fight cancer.  Almost 100 hundred auctions are still up for bid on eBay by some of your favorite authors to raise money for Leslie's treatment.  Included are a weekend in New Orleans for a writers conference, manuscript critiques, and signed books.

Check out what some of my favorite urban fantasy authors are offering after the jump.

Vicki Petterson is auctioning off a full set of her newly completed entertaining and unique Signs of the Zodiac series. The books chronicle the journey of superhero Joanna Archer and her quest to protect the people of Las Vegas.  We'll be reviewing the last in the series, Neon Graveyard,  later this week.

Rachel Caine (yep, that's her showing a book to a dalek) has a set of her Morganville Vampires series for auction.   The young adult novels center around bright teenager Claire Danvers attending college in a dusty little Texas town run by vampires.  She and her roommates must join together with some unlikely allies to protect the community from being destroyed all together.

Stacia Kane has a neat package for Downside fans. The series is the story of Chess Putnam, debunker-cum-ghost hunter for the Church of the One Truth.  Chess must save the Church from frauds, her community from the murderous dead, and her secret from the Church.  The winner of Stacia's auction will receive a customized Downside tee and a Downside playlist featuring the songs in one of the books.
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