Friday, July 22, 2011

Geek-Friendly Wedding Cake Toppers

by Sara N.

Who wants a cookie-cutter wedding? If you're in the midst of planning your wedding, embrace your fandom and show your love of all things geeky on top of your cake. It'll make the whole event even sweeter.

Feast your eyes on these geek-friendly cake toppers after the jump.


Han and Leia are the cutest couple! Bonus points for his chest hair.


 Dragons of love!

If these crazy zombie kids can't make it, who can? (Sold out on Etsy, but maybe the creator would be willing to do a special order.)

Bride and groom ren faire costumes aren't required, but are strongly suggested, for these fairy toppers.

It's a subtle Star Trek, but true fans will know that Picard and Crusher are obviously in the Holodeck.

 I want a redo on my wedding, just so I can put these adorable robots on top of the cake.

The Tin Man and his bride. Look, the Wizard gave them both hearts!

Finally, you can make your own wedding cake topper with action figures and a hot-melt glue gun. Pick your favorite couple, glue a small silk flower from a craft store to the bride's hands and stick those suckers into the icing. Easy peasy! (And cheap, too, if you've already got the action figures.) The Crusher/Picard topper above is a gussied-up example of this. And to the left is my very own wedding cake. Yes, that's a tiny Han and Leia on top. It added a shot of much-needed nerdiness to an otherwise traditional wedding, and it said to the world, "We are geeks in love! And also, may the Force be with you."

Still not inspired? This link has some amazing examples of elaborate sci fi/fantasy/geek fandom wedding toppers, some custom made and others improvised: Daleks! Spiderman! Transformers! Frankenstein monsters! Something there is bound to spark your creativity.

Also, check out our list of sci fi/fantasy's best weddings.
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