Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Draw Your Weapon

By Meghan B

Here at Stellar Four, we want you to be the best urban fantasy hero or heroine you can be. Sure, we could run down a list of places to buy leather pants and trench coats from, but that's too easy. You could go to your local mall and walk out dressed like you stepped off the cover of an urban fantasy paperback. No, we want to get to the good stuff. Stuff you can't find in your local mall.

Like weaponry. What urban fantasy protagonist isn't complete without a menacing broadsword or sleek katana? A fine blade, forged by magic, that makes you capable of slaying anything that dares to cross your path. Even rain.

You heard me right. Rain. A foe both powerful and wet. Wouldn't you like a weapon that can defeat even the most determined and malicious of downpours?

If that answer is a resounding "yes", discover the item you quest for after the jump!

Okay, the item I may be referring to is often called an "umbrella" to the normal types who AREN'T currently in the midst of a battle between the forces of good and evil. Thinkgeek, internet purveyors of all things awesome and geeky, have a line of special umbrellas that serve the dual purpose of keeping you dry and making you look like a total badass.

Instead of your run of the mill boring handle, each umbrella has the hilt of a sword. There is an epic broadsword version with a big medieval handle as well as smaller yet just as awesome katana and tanto versions. You will be the envy of all your friends with such stunningly useful weaponry by your side. Even the rain will have seconds thoughts when it spots your urban fantasy-worthy weapon.

Now, Stellar Four admits the sword-umbrella combo may not be right for all places. Do not use on a rainy day around the United Nations building, for example. But for your every day rain needs, it is pretty damn cool.

All umbrellas can be found at the Thinkgeek website and retail for $19.99 - $39.99.
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  1. Those are really cool. Those will go well with my set of gerber knives.

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