Monday, July 25, 2011

The Avenging Nibble

by Megan S.

One of the most talked about future films from at this past weekend's Comic-Con was Joss Whedon's "The Avengers."  What wasn't mentioned (or at least, I haven't heard it talked about) is that you'll soon be able to take a bite out of crime good(ies) with the Avenger's line of bakeware available from Williams-Sonoma.

Best of all? There's a tie-in comic book that's one of the cheesiest, funniest excuses I've ever seen for product placement, and it's free.  Did I mention it comes with recipes?!

Check out the online version of the comic book and the deets on what all you'll be able to stock your kitchen with after the jump.

The collection will include Spider-Man cookie cutters, Avengers cookie cutters (Spider-Man, the Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man) an Avengers cakelet pan (including Wolverine and Thor), a cupcake decorating set, aprons, spatulas and a decorating paste set.  None are available in the stores yet but most are online.  In case you're wondering, the cookie cutters work really well.  I used the Star Wars set to make cookies and my birthday Dark Side chocolate pecan pie.  Each came out looking incredible.  There's no need for icing/decorating.

Their eyes. They follow you EVERYWHERE. (Seriously, the cakelets are kinda creepy.)

The comic book is the very best part of the whole promotion.  A limited number of copies will be available in stores but it's free from Marvel online right now. Being a W-S aficionado, I recognized the Breville stand mixer and Calphalon grill pan before the two were identified at the end but I still loved it.  It's cheesy, awesome and full of science-y facts. 

The only thing I find disappointing about the whole line is that there are no female characters represented.  The Avengers include Maria Hill, Spider-Woman and the Scarlet Witch.  You could argue that Maria Hill or even Spider-Woman won't translate well in to baked goods because their looks are a little too generic or too close to Spidey's costume but the Scarlet Witch has a distinctive look.

Maybe next year, Williams-Sonoma and Marvel?
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  1. I will buy this stuff IF I also get Jeremy Renner wearing nothing but a frilly apron baking these goodies for me.

    I'd buy that for a dollar.