Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sony Online Entertainment to Customers: Baby, Come Back

When Sony Online Entertainment got hacked awhile back, I was one of the customers whose information was liberated by the hackers.  I (foolishly) had an email/password combination in use for two games, so when I lost my three SOE Everquest 2 accounts, I also lost my Rift account.  SOE was so cagey about whether credit card information was stolen or not - and then when it was clear that some credit card information was stolen, they were shifty about whose information it was and from where - that I cancelled the credit card I used to pay them.

This led to me having to resubscribe eight different accounts to a new credit card account.  I forgot to update my cell phone account so I got a nice call from T-Mobile letting me know that my service was suspended until I bloody well paid them.  (They're touchy about such things.)

You can imagine that I was not the happiest of campers with SOE.

But it's all better now!

I just got an email offering to sell me the same services they used to sell me for the same price I always paid.  This is their grand gesture to bring back my business.

Dear SOE,

Suck it.  Suck it long. Suck it hard.  Suck it twice.

Formerly yours,

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