Friday, June 10, 2011

The Penultimate Path: Bad Omens for Chloe King

by Megan S.

The second to last clue in the Nine Paths game is up on ABC Family and things are looking dire for Chloe King.

Find the answer to the eighth path and why bad omens for Chloe signal something awesome for one lucky player as well as the code for the latest giveaway!

The second to last puzzle appeared in the virtual box this morning with a threat to the Circle of Strangers and Chloe.  The postcard features the famous and iconic San Francisco landmark, Coit Tower, and we need to search for the address to solve the latest puzzle.  The answer?  Telegraph Hill.   The clue it unlocks is a photo of Chloe running up the tower's steps.  A little birdy (and by little birdy, I mean Google) told me this spells bad news for our poor heroine.

So, why does bad news for Chloe mean good news for one lucky Nine Paths player?  Because it means the first person to solve the next puzzle wins a trip to the set of the Nine Lives of Chloe King.  My guess is the final path will be posted on Monday, but make sure to check the site often over the next few days to up your chances.

Oh and I bet you're wondering what the code for the pendant giveaway.  Well, there it is.  Deception. 

Good luck, guys!
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