Thursday, June 30, 2011

Now That's More Like It!

by Megan S.

Princess Leia as Darth Vader by Phil Noto
Ahhh, this has been a good week for heroine costumes.  With the news of Catwoman's attire consisting of more than a few strips of black rubber ala Halle Berry's iteration, people are finally realizing that badass girls need a bit more protection than a two piece.  I love artist Phil Noto's new take on Princess Leia in something other than a slave girl costume and College Humor's latest vid on appropriate fighting gear.

Check the vid out after the jump!

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  1. Wow. Even before I read the caption I thought that was Leia in the picture, though I suppose the proper title would be Lady Vader.

  2. Heck yeah, Lady Vader. I love it. My Darth Tater, however, felt a great disturbance in the Force...

  3. Ghost, I've seen Noto's work before and it's great. It's totally obvious that's a young Carrie Fisher.

    Kirkland, Ooo, Metroid's a good example of a well armored women.

    Laurie, AHAHAHAH!

  4. Laurie, I remember in one of the Star Wars EU books (I'm pretty sure one of the Thrawn ones) Leia visits a planet and the locals call her Lady Vader because she's his daughter. She was less than thrilled with the title, though.