Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nine Paths to Chloe King Update!

by Megan S.

Have you started playing the Nine Paths game yet to uncover the secrets behind The Nine Lives of Chloe King?  If you haven't, you should be.  With four paths already uncovered, it's almost half way though and just starting to get tricky.

Want to catch up? I've chronicled what we've uncovered so far after the jump so you can dive right into the game in hopes of winning a visit to the set!

In case you need a reminder, Nine Paths is a set of puzzles with answers that provide pieces of Chloe King's backstory. The average-seeming teenager and title character from The Nine Lives of Chloe King will soon find out that she isn't as normal as she thought.

Now, let's review what we've learned so far.

Path One:

After opening the virtual box, we find Chloe's Ukrainian birth certificate.  Turns out she was adopted.  Unfortunately for us, the birth certificate is in Ukrainian.  I don't know about you but it's all Greek Cyrillic to me.  We do find a hint telling us to research the story of the brave girl that the town of Smila is named for and discover how she died.  Smila is Ukrainian for "brave girl" and the child perished after being shot by an arrow while leading the troops to rescue her people from invaders.  Using the password "arrow" after clicking on the circle in the virtual box unlocks the first piece of Chloe's hidden roots.

Using the Book of Mai PDF you downloaded from the virtual box, you will be able to translate the symbol behind the text.  It means "uniter" and refers to a "supreme warrior and protector" of the Mai people.

Path Two:

The second path directs you to use the Book of Mai to translate the latest symbol, or hieroglyph, that appeared in the virtual box.  It looks like a closed eye with five lashes.  Your Book will tell you that the symbol means "protector." Using the translation and "Book of Mai," you search for any related images on photo-sharing site Flickr.  The only related image provides the next piece of the puzzle, the passphrase, "Human Protectors."  You click on the  scrap paper with the protector hieroglyph located in the virtual box back on ABC Family to enter the phrase and a video appears with a man hidden in the shadows.  He shines a bit of light on the backstory to the Mai people.

Now we know that Chloe is a daughter of the ancient Mai people, descendents of the Egyptian god Bastet, a humanoid with the head of a cat.

Path Three:

In the third path, you are again called upon to use your translation skills when a card featuring hieroglyphs and an Egyptian-looking cat statue appear in the virtual box.  You decode the phrase to read, "The uniter is Chloe King."  You enter "Chloe King" as the passphrase by clicking on the box the cat statue provides and this appears...

We now know that not only have the Mai people been persecuted throughout millenia as witches, but these protectors of the human race are themselves divided as to how they perceive the uniter,  Chloe King.  Those that see her as a threat, forcing the ancient peoples to protect humans once again, are called the Bad Mai.  The hieroglyph that appears behind the text as five parallel lines angling from top left to bottom right means, "foe."

Path Four:

This is where the game starts to get fun.  The latest clue directs us to the Ukranian Craigslist site.  We must search for a listing for a bib just like the one we assume Chloe was adopted with, visible in the virtual box.  The Craigslist listing provides the most recent passphrase, "Kiddie Bibs."  However, when we enter the phrase after clicking on the bib in the box, all we see is this image.

This tiny morsel of a clue is not what we've grown accustomed to as we've pursued the mystery over the last week and a half.  A keen eye, however, will have spotted this on the Craigslist listing. has a series of baby bibs with very familiar looking symbols emblazoned on each, Mai hieroglyphs!  A text box at the bottom is labeled vendor code.  The Mai hieroglyphs on the bibs translate to "girl," "friend," "good," "love," "unite," and "boy," but none of those result in anything when entered into the vendor code box.  What does produce a result is entering the phrase, "trust," the translation of the hieroglyph that serves as a logo for the company on the bib's tag.  We are rewarded with another video.  This time it's one I can't embed.  It ends with the same message that appears in the photo above, "Chloe is in danger and needs your help."

Well, kids, that's the latest piece of info we've been able to uncover in the Nine Paths to Chloe King.  Check out ABC Family's site daily 'cause the fifth path will be revealed any day now and you'll be that much closer to winning a trip to The Nine Lives of Chloe King's set!
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