Friday, June 10, 2011

Finally, a Truly Zombie-Proof House

Oh, sure. We all play the "what would you do in a zombie apocalypse?" game.

Run to Big-Mart to stock up on food and weapons? Yeah, that's what every other person in your town is doing; it'll either be picked clean or you'll end up in a tense, gun-intensive standoff.

Head for the mall? Please! Too cliché. Hole up in your house? Sure. Good luck securing it, with all those windows and doors and fresh air and natural light.

Thankfully, KWK Promes designed "The Safe House," created to keep you safe from all unwanted intruders. Happily, zombies can be included on the "unwanted" list when it comes to this house.

Photos after the jump.

Here's the house in its normal state:
Open and accessible to all intruders, living or dead.
Here's the house in lockdown mode:
Ain't nobody gettin' in here.
I must say, it's impressive. Nobody's getting in or out without expression permission.

The house, located near Warsaw, Poland, even has a roof terrace, pool and drawbridge. Of course, in order for it to be truly zombie-ready, you'd need to have solar power to provide the energy necessary to open and close all of the electronically controlled moving parts, plus someplace protected to grow your food and a truly impressive weapons cache. A source of fresh water would be crucial, too, as would a lifetime supply of reading materials. (The latter item is crucial for me, anyway.) If all of that were in place, you'd never have to leave your cozy, block-of-cement compound while the zombie world around you burned.

In all seriousness, The Safe House does seem a bit like overkill. Nevertheless, it's always interesting to see a wall of glass transform into a big cement box. It's a cool architectural trick, and I salute KWK Promes. I probably won't be ordering one for myself anytime soon. But you never know ... You can see scads more photos of The Safe House and even floor plans at

Thanks to Annabelle V. for the tip!
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  1. Why grow food when you can buy food shelf-safe for 25 years?

  2. Wow. That looks ... delicious?