Friday, June 3, 2011

The Fifth Path to Chloe King: We Can Hardly Keep Up!

by Megan S.

Just when we think we're on top of things in the Nine Paths game for ABC Family's The Nine Lives of Chloe King, another clue pops up!

Check out the answer to the fifth path and the piece of info it revealed after the jump.

Chloe with her dog Buster

Turns out someone's leading a misinformation campaign against our girl Chloe.  The wolf in sheep's clothing, Batko614, claims he needs to find the Uniter to give her important info.  Like any good misinformation campaign, Batko is making sure to include bits of truth with the lies.  He's shared the answer to the latest puzzle; the true name of Chloe's childhood pet is Buster.  Enter "Buster" after clicking on the photo of Chloe that appeared today in the virtual box and you'll be rewarded with this video.

Check out the Nine Paths site every day and play the game to make sure you get the chance to win a visit to the set.  If you want help with the previous four paths, read up on all the answers in our post from yesterday.
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