Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Doctor Drinks

By Meghan B.

How a Time Lord parties, by such-heights
It's late at night and you're still at the bar. You can barely see your cellphone, let alone type on it and yet you continue to try and contact people who are not here and having as much fun and alcohol as you are having.

Now imagine you are a Time Lord.

Two Doctor Who fans one day imagined the very same thing and did what any self respecting fan does. They loaded up Photoshop, went to the hilarious internet cesspool known as Texts From Last Night and created a tumblr called Texts From The TARDIS. From this unholy marriage of drunk texts and Doctor Who, the most hilarious images I have seen in months were created. The pictures they choose fit oddly well with the drunk texts and somehow make the entire thing even funnier.

Go under the jump for more incredibly wrong, funny and possibly NSFW images of the Doctor and his friends after they've had a wee bit too much. You can thank me later.

Image by Texts From The TARDIS
Image by perennialgrass

Image by Text From The TARDIS
Image by Text From The TARDIS
Image by whitepointstar

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