Monday, June 13, 2011


Zombie garden gnomes on Etsy!

Tom Selleck's 'really, really good' screen test for Indiana Jones

"Right up there with Eric Stoltz as Back to the Future's Marty McFly on the list of sci-fi might-have-beens is Tom Selleck as Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark. And after taking a look at Selleck's screen test, we have to say—it was better than we thought it would be."

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Leia in Your Living Room: Projecting a Star-Wars-Style Hologram With a Microsoft Kinect

"Michael Bove, the director of MIT’s Object-Based Media Group, got his grad students a Kinect for Christmas. The range-finding, motion-sensing camera add-on to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 game system turns the human body into a controller, but Bove’s students did something far more amazing with it. 'A week later,' he says, 'they were presenting holograms with it.' The students had hacked the Kinect, and found that it was a perfect tool for capturing images to project in three dimensions--in other words, for holograms."

Roll up! The cows that make human breast milk

"...the Frankenstein cows have been grown from embryos (cow ones, that is) that have been injected with the human gene responsible for producing breast milk. Now they're lined up in some farm in China, and pending approval from the government, the resulting liquid may be found on sale in supermarkets in three years."

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  1. Looks like I need to go scare that Cortexiphan kid in the basement so I can go to the universe where Tom Selleck's mustache played Indiana Jones. I'm not as sold on Sean Young as Marion, though.

  2. ZOMG, that is the best picture I have ever seen!

  3. Ghost- Blasphemer! Harrison Ford is the one true Indy! I'll forgive you though, if you just let the Cortexiphan kid go back to Florida in 1985 where he belongs.

    Sara- I thought you'd like it :D

  4. Harrison Ford does a great Indiana Jones. I would just like to see how a Tom Selleck version would have looked. Especially if Sean Young was Marion. The movie would have probably have a different feel.

    Since you asked nicely I'll let the Cortexiphan kid go.