Monday, June 20, 2011

Altered Antiques

by Megan S.

Look closer. Could that be Darth Vader, Chunk and a triceratops in dress military garb featured on those plates?
I love the look of decorating with antique plates, especially in the kitchen.  The mix of patterns, gold leaf and colors can really perk up the place.  I stumbled across a great store on Etsy with a huge collection of antique plates and, since you're reading this on Stellar Four, you're probably guessing there's something unique/strange/AWESOME about the pieces. 

And, you'd be right.

Check out my favorites from Beat Up Creations' line of whimsical and bizarre altered antique plates and tiles originally from Spode, Copeland and other centuries-old companies after the jump.

Aunt Wapiti for $52

The Snake Lady on sale for $29

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