Friday, May 20, 2011

Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Nouveau Prints

by Megan S.

Chaz Kemp Illustration
Art Nouveau is one of my favorite styles of art.  I love the colors, the intricate patterns and the way the images seem to pop off the page.  I think you'll feel the same way after checking out the best sci-fi and fantasy Art Nouveau inspired prints from Etsy.

Cristina McAllister
Two Silver Stars
Sketch Boy 01
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  1. If I ever finish my airship, Steampunk Sally will be the nose art.

  2. Ghost, I covet Steampunk Sally's hair color. It would be so much better than boring brown.

  3. Ghost, Dr. Oh's Miracle Cures is adorable!

    Go take a look at Echo Chernik's work too. I bought her piece entitled "Chocolates". She has a couple others called Cthulu Cupcake and Cthulu Pie.

  4. Megan - thank you so very very much for shining a light on one of my pieces. I am deeply honored to even be on the same page with some of the other artists you've featured here.

    I agree with Cara in that Echo Chernik is a fantastic artist. I adore her work and I aspire to be at her level someday. :) Again - thank you for this - you've made my day. :)

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  5. Thanks, Chaz! I love your work :D