Monday, May 2, 2011

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Fascinators

by Megan S.

We may never know if the hat Princess Beatrice wore to the royal wedding last Friday was a secret homage to the Eye of Sauron but why let that stop us from jumping on the sci-fi and fantasy crazy hat/fascinator bandwagon?  Here are a number of awesome, funny, cute and sometimes disturbing fascinators and hats you can claim were inspired by your favorite genre character.


via Janine Basil
Queen of Hearts

via Janine Basil
Brain Slug

via Grapevine Fires
Little Mermaid

via Bethany Lorelle
The Birds

via Satanica
The Slytherin House

via Hat and Mouse

The Mockingjay

Jill's Boutique

via p39designs

The Phantom of the Opera

Pirates of the Caribbean

via Bitsy Bird
Poison Ivy

via Wendy Beth Creations
Mina Harker

via Tanya 2S

The Walking Dead

via Janine Basil

via Savoy Truffles
The Doctor

via Geek Chic Knits
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  1. hands down, the slytherin one is my favorite!!! these are amazing. I wish I could wear one every day. lol.

  2. Laura- I wish I was ballsy enough to pull off wearing a fascinator. I always feel so self aware when I have a big flower in my hair but they look incredible on other people.