Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Playing Favorites

I have been sitting here half the night trying to write about my absolute favorite series of books. 

I want to tell you how amazing these books are in such a compelling way that you’ll go and buy them right away and be just as blown away as I was.  I want to explain the specifics of how this series made me into a reader, not just someone who picked up a book now and then.   I want to go into the intricacies of how the author made me look at fate and destiny and the far-reaching consequences of our actions without ever once preaching or being overt.  I want to heap praise on the writing, gush about the characterization, and theorize about how this or that turn of events could have/should have/would have turned out if only…

I finally realized that nothing I could say would ever do this series justice, and that we all have a set of books we love just as much as I love mine.  So, I figured I’d just put this out there and let you folks recommend your favorites.

My favorite series of books is the Deverry Cycle by Katherine Kerr.  What's yours and why?
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  1. Discworld! And within that, probably the Witches books. (And of those, I lurves the Tiffany Aching books best ;) )

  2. I can never, ever settle on a favorite. It's too hard!

    I will say, though, that I share your pain. It's so much easier to write about something you hated. Describing why you love something is incredibly difficult, as you found out. That's why wretched movies are always more fun to review than quality ones (says this former newspaper film critic).

  3. I downloaded a sample of this for my kindle. Looks like the kind of series I would enjoy. Thanks for posting about it.