Monday, May 23, 2011

News Roundup

Skull Teapot in Flowers: the perfect gift to give creepy little girls in horror movies.

Han and Leia: The Worst Couple in the Universe

"It's another Star Wars instructional video from the wonderful, funderful OneMinuteGalactica. Now, you should definitely watch it, it's great, but honestly, I think we all know that Anakin and Padme are probably the worst couple in the Star Wars universe."

Even more awesomeness after the jump including a fairytale garden idea and a study conducted by neuroscientists that found Apple products cause Mac devotees to experience a 'religious' neurological reaction.

Roma Wagons Converted into Garden Lounges.

Test-Tube Meat: Coming to a Plate Near You?

"It sounds improbable -- and more than a little creepy -- to eat meat produced in a lab, but in the latest New Yorker, Michael Specter explains why test-tube meat may just be the steak of the future."

Apple Causes 'Religious' Reaction in Brains of Fans, Say Neuroscientists

"People have often talked about “the cult of Apple”, and if a recent BBC TV documentary is to be believed, there could be something in it."
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  1. I want one of those wagons when the apocalypse finally gets here.

    And a steak vat.

  2. I'm a guilty meat-eater, so I'm eager for lab-produced meat to be a reality. Yeah, yeah, Frankenfood blah blah. Bring on the steak vat!

  3. Kirkland and Sara, Totally reminds me of a scene from Better Off Ted:

  4. Wow. I've never been called Funderful before. I don't like it. Don't ever call me that again. Ever.

  5. OneMinuteGalactica, Blame Topless Robot. It was his quote :D