Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Broke But Stylish

By Meghan B

Library memories "November Was A Good Month" - $22
I love a good nerdy t-shirt as much as the next person, which is probably why I own an insane amount of Threadless shirts and am slowly working my way into owning too many Teefury tees. It's a sickness. An awesome, geeky, expensive sickness. Since I am the Typhoid Mary of Threadless sickness, I felt it was my duty to showcase the most epic geek shirts that have come out lately.

Don't say I didn't warn you about the addiction.

Find the shirts you will be wearing all summer under the jump!

The EPIC "Doctor Hoo" shirt - $22

Beetlejuice finery! "Recently Deceased" - $22

Totoro! "The Friendly Spirit" - $22

RD-D2 really shines here! "Rebel Lighthouse" - $22

"Miss Scarlet in the Hall with a Revolver" - $22

Vintage travel poster goodness. "Space and Time" - $22
Velma the Zombie Hunter: "We've Got Some Work To Do Now" - $22
Sad but true. "I Am Older Than the Internet" - $22

It's going to be a long, hot summer but you may just feel a little cooler wearing one of these masterpieces. Tell me which your favorite in the comments and suggest other places for wickedly awesome shirts!
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  1. In our house, it's my husband with the t-shirt hoarding problem. He would love the R2-D2 one ...