Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Queen Elizabeth is a Fan of Fantasy?

by Megan S.

Something I spotted on Twitter a few minutes ago has officially made my day. 

Queen Elizabeth attended a function earlier today as a part of her highly publicized trip to Ireland.  Also in attendance was my favorite author, fantasy writer Sir Terry Pratchett.  According to Sir Terry's official Twitter account, the Queen brought with her a battered old copy of Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's Good Omens and asked him to autograph it for her.

The idea of the Queen of England carrying around an old beat up copy of my favorite book  has plastered the biggest and dopiest smile on my face since I happened to read the Twitter conversation between Sir Terry's account and author Diane Duane.

I'm on my third copy because the first two practically disintegrated after reading the paperback so many times.  I wonder how many times Queen Elizabeth has read hers.
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  1. I like one of the other comments: "Apparently the lady who hit #pratchett with a sword is here." REMATCH! REMATCH! TERRY CAN SO TAKE HER!

  2. Well, he was knighted purely for his literature being awesome.

  3. I'm about wearing through my second copy. I think I may have worn out a library copy or two as well, though.