Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bid On Beatrice's Famous Royal Wedding Hat

by Sara N.

Can't get enough of Princess Beatrice's hat -- or "hat," if you prefer -- from the royal wedding? Good news! It can be yours. Beatrice is auctioning off her famous chapeau on eBay, with the proceeds going to UNICEF and "children in crisis."

So if you have money just going to waste, perhaps languishing in an old paint can under your bed, why not place a bid?

If you win, think of the hilarious photo opportunities that await you at every turn: mingling at a summer BBQ with coworkers, attending your cousin's baby shower, swinging by Burger King, mowing your lawn, reenacting some of the more ludicrous Padme scenes from the Star Wars Movie That Dare Not Speak Its Name. Really, name a situation that the hat wouldn't improve.

Actually, I may have to bid on the thing now.

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