Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Things We Do For Love

By Meghan B.

Oh dear sweet god, yes!
A few days ago, I was approached by my boss at my day job. There was a schedule problem and they wanted to know if I could work Easter weekend. "No pressure" they said, "we know it's last minute". While I could always use more hours, I declined. I said I had a special event to go to. With an understanding nod, they moved onto the next victim.

What I didn't tell my boss was that my "special event" was the premier of the new season of Doctor Who on BBC America. Yes, that's right, I gave up payroll hours for a sci-fi TV program. Not any program though, the best damn program in the world! One that I am slavishly, fangirlishly addicted to. I plan to spend the entire weekend marathoning my Who DVDs, sitting around in my pajamas and stuffing my face with Goldfish crackers (don't judge me!). I won't allow anything to make me miss the season premier. Not love nor money, not rain or sleet or dark of night.

My devotion to Doctor Who got me thinking. What crazy things have you done for your favorite show? Was bribery involved? Did you cosplay your favorite character? Did you miss class or exams to go to a con, just to meet an actor? Tell me what you do for the things you love.

Now, if you'll excuse me, there are only eighteen days left before the Who premier and I have to bone up on six seasons!
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  1. I don't tend to get that far into the fan thing, but I'm jealous of you for owning all those DVDs AND getting to see the premier. I have to wait for them to come out on DVD. *sigh* *droop*

  2. You made the right decision.

  3. It took me two months to get through season 1 of Stargate SG-1. But season 2 kicked it into high gear and I stayed up all night, every night for 5 days straight watching 'just one more episode.' I'd sleep from about 10am to 2pm then log into work from home - and watch more Stargate.

    I'm not sorry. I'd do it again.