Saturday, April 23, 2011

(Inter-)Stellar Party Ideas for the Doctor Who Premiere

by Sara N.

What's that strange mechanical whirring you hear? Why, I do believe that's a TARDIS, swooping back through the heavens as the new season of Doctor Who premieres on BBC American tonight at 9 p.m. EST/8 p.m. CST.

If you, unlike me, are lucky enough to live near fellow Who fans, you may be planning a viewing party. If so, and if you're low on inspiration, the BBCA website has a host of suggestions to liven up your gathering tonight.

I look forward to exterminating these little guys
For example, you could bake a batch of mini chocolate Dalek cakes, which look a hinch more agreeable than their metal counterparts. If you don't have pocky sticks handy to make their arms, and if you can't stomach the thought of black licorice coming into contact with chocolate cake (and rightly so!), you could always use pretzel rods dipped in chocolate. Let's face it; Daleks will use whatever they can to stamp out the vile human menace.

Mmmmm ... sonicy...

You could also whip up a pitcher of Sonic Screwdrivers. The drink recipe is alcohol-free, making it safe for even the youngest of Who fans, although guests who are as old as a Time Lord could easily mix in something a little harder than orange juice.

As activities for the party, the BBCA website suggests making a Dalek pinata (although I must admit, I'd be scared of what might fall out of one of those), buying "sonic" screwdrivers -- or, really, any old hardware store screwdrivers -- to use to mix drinks, and having guests dress as their favorite Who villains. I'd rather have guests dress as The Doctor in all of his incarnations, just to see the scarf, the bow tie, the black leather coat, the question mark sweater vest ... So many possibilities!

I hope your party tonight is successful, but try to restrain yourself at least a bit. You don't want to overwhelm your Ood servants with too much clean-up.
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