Monday, April 18, 2011

Found Items: Proof the Other Mother is Out There

by Megan S.

ArtNerdEm via DeviantART
Coraline failed.  She may have released the children's trapped souls but Neil Gaiman's Other Mother is out there somewhere. 

The Other Mother is still trying to collect children and she's doubled her efforts.  No more recruiting one at a time.  No sirree.

And she's hunting where her prey are most vulnerable.

I have proof.

These abominations are in toy aisles everywhere!


Ambiguous Confabulation via Flickr
The Lalaloopsy dolls are just mass-market versions of the doll the Other Mother gave to Coraline at the beginning of her harrowing tale.

Beware what lurks in the brightly lit corners of Target.
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  1. Christ on a bike!
    I had a dream last night that this lady had a needle and thread but I had to hid the buttons from her so she couldn't steal children away. But the buttons kept making clicking noises when I tried to run.

  2. SEE?!?! The Other Mother is out there!

    What a horrible dream but the storyline is totally worthy of a Gaiman short follow-up to the first book.