Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Egg Inspiration

by Megan S.

Zombie Egg via WordDookie
As much as I try, there are some things I will never be good at including Easter egg decorating.  For the past two years in a row, I have spent HOURS painstakingly trying to pierce raw eggs and force their contents out without breaking them in hopes of creating some Martha Stewart-esque masterpiece that can be saved for years to come.  I'm pretty sure I went through an entire carton last year and only managed to salvage four of the shells.  This year, I'm accepting my inability and sticking with the Dudley's Star Wars 3-D and Spin an Egg decorating kits.

See that bunny? He usually looks like he's laughing instead of like Bunnicula out for revenge as he does here.
If you are unlike me and actually possess a modicum of talent, here are several awesome eggs from which to draw inspiration for this year's decorating.  (And if you ARE like me, sit back and enjoy what other people have created.)

Check out the goods after the jump.

Harry Potter Eggs via gryfndrprefct347
Vampire Egg via Funny Potato
(That's a real egg!) Steampunk Egg via Stamptramp

Futurama Eggs via Geek Art Gallery
A Nightmare Before Christmas Eggs via Geek Art Gallery
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  1. I, like you, have no artistic talent what-so-ever. I gave up decorating Easter eggs long ago. I must say, though, these are INSPIRING! I love them all!! Makes me super jealous.