Monday, April 25, 2011

Doctor Etsy

By Meghan B

Doctor Who may or may not have taken my life over. I can't help but talk about it nonstop to anyone who will listen. The conversation I started over breakfast on Easter? Doctor Who. My Google search history for the past week? Doctor Who. Queries on Amazon and iTunes for the latest episode? Numerous. Yes dear readers, I am living and breathing the Doctor right now.

Someone needs to make this for me right now. Cross Stitch pattern by elfstitch

This obsession interest of mine lead me to Etsy, purveyor of all things twee and handmade, to find some Doctor Who trinkets to wear. Oh boy, was that ever a bad idea. See what items are going to possibly make me broke after the jump!

Too adorable for words Dalek Pattern by elfstitch

Don't Blink bracelet by foxwise
Disappering TARDIS bookmark by DaleksTeahouse  
Tom Baker scarf by IntagalaticGoods
These are just some of the awesome fan-made Who stuff I've come across. If there's one thing to be said about Whovians, it's that we're a dedicated and talented bunch!
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