Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Allure of Clockwork Couture

By Meghan B.

After the fun of Steampunk Week here at Stellar Four, I felt the need to return to my favorite steampunk books. I re-read the brilliant Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger. As the books sat on my nightstand, I couldn't help wondering "where did they get the gorgeous clothes from the cover?".

This being the age of Google, the answer was easily found. Clockwork Couture is a clothing brand completely dedicated to steampunk. Everything is designed in house and they are lead by Donna Ricci, who happens to be the beautiful model on the novel covers!

Steampunk just got high fashion.

The clothes from Clockwork Couture are nothing short of stunning. Imaginative steampunk jackets, skirts and outfits. From pocket watches to boots, they have everything.
Model and rescued horse

Even better, they strive to use ethical materials and vegan leathers. They set aside money from the sale of each item to go to animal rescue. With the funds from the sale of their clothing, they have saved dogs, cats, rabbits and even a horse.

On top of their noble efforts with animals, Clockwork Couture acknowledges that all sizes are beautiful. They strive to offer some of their most popular pieces in plus sizes, going up 3XL.

After Steampunk Week here, I keep looking at ways to make my wardrobe a touch more steamy. Clockwork Couture is a great place to start! Outfit your new airship captain persona in gorgeous sepia skirts and boots.

Please visit their website! Your clothes lust (and you WILL lust after these outfits!) will go to help steampunk craftspeople and animals in need!

Donna Ricci modeling the Two Piece Victorian Traveling Suit, featured on the cover of Soulless
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  1. Oh wow Meghan thanks for the love! And should anyone want a Yorkshire Terrier, we have one we are fostering who could use a great home. You can meet him in the shoppe and he's just amazing!